NewTom 5G XL

The NewTom 5G XL - the device that extends the very best CBCT technology to new fields of application in medicine.

The 5G XL is the only system with a motorized patient table that combines high diagnostic resolution with minimum patient exposure. Extra potential for radiologists and specialist physicians.

The NewTom 5G XLis the only CBCT with the patient in a lying down position that guarantees a combination of minimum X-ray exposure and unparalleled 3D image definition. It also allows 2D and X-ray video imaging.

Unlike its MSCT counterpart, CBCT technology can generate ultra-high definition volumetric images of bone tissues, with “native” isotropic voxel resolution, non-overlapping sections and fewer artifacts.  

A single cone beam scan instead of a fan beam spiral scan shortens examination times and considerably reduces X-ray exposure with respect to other CT technologies while cutting costs significantly.

The outstanding diagnostic quality of the 5G XL proves useful in multiple medical fields. In addition to examination of dental-maxillofacial pathologies and relative surgical or follow-up planning, it is also possible to examine the internal ear, fully analyse airways and maxillary sinuses and diagnose chronic or traumatic pathologies involving bones, joints and the spinal column for more in-depth orthopaedic investigation, also in emergency rooms.



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